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NAV-CONSULT - Remote Service
World Wide Remote Magnetic Compass Adjustment Service

The Nav-Consult has been contacted by Owners to assist masters for renewal of Deviation Card by using our World Wide Remote Magnetic Compass Adjustment Service to ensure a professional and reliable result during vessel’s voyage with no delay and to Competitive Charge.

When using “Remote Magnetic Compass Adjustment Service” from Nav-Consult the master receives a thorough guide of the adjustment-process. Nav-Consult requires photos of the Magnetic Compass, the Serial Number, the Type of Compass and Maker, the Binnacle, the Type and position of the Compensators, Gyro Error if any, Geographical Position (to establish the World Magnetic Fields and variation), a Deviation Control, Weather Condition and Vessel’s Condition such as Cargo/Ballast. By receiving the information by e-mail Nav-Consult makes the calculations and guides the master to perform the adjustment and subsequently a new Deviation Control which we require to be informed about. If the result is acceptable (less than 3°) we produce and issue the new Deviation Card including all needed data convert it into pdf and mail it to the vessel. The original document is laminated and forwarded to the Company to be forwarded to the vessel. All received data from the vessel are filed and kept in case of any questions what so ever.

All correspondence between the vessel and Nav-Consult is cc to the Owner/Company/Technical Department.


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