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NAV-CONSULT - On Board Service
On Board Magnetic Compass Adjustment Service in Danish Waters

Our firm has carried out “On Board Magnetic Compass Adjustment Service” for Annual Survey/Calibration since 1973 to more than 700 vessels including Bulk-Carriers, Container Vessels, General Cargo Ships, Passenger Vessels, Pleasure Craft, Research Vessels, Reefers, Service Craft, Supply Vessels, Tankers and Tug Boats. Those vessels have been:

·         Navigating through Danish Waters

·         Discharging or loading at Danish Ports

·         Leaving after docking at shipyards

·         New build vessels on trial trips from Danish Shipbuilding Yards


The fee for the “On Board Magnetic Compass Adjustment Service” is calculated on basis of the GT of the vessel plus travelling expense.

When rendering the service to pleasure craft the fee is calculated on basis of the length of the craft, plus travelling expense plus vat.


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