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Competitive Offer Remote Magnetic Compass Adjustment Service During Vessel’s Voyage World Wide

We would like to take the opportunity to inform you - if any of your vessels have a need for Magnetic Compass Adjustment - about our “Remote Magnetic Compass Adjustment Service” – here we render a master guidance and advice to perform a Magnetic Compass Adjustment according to our instructions given to the master by mail. We supply the master with instructions before the operation and when we have got a minor deviation after the advised adjustment and received data about adjustment and deviation we produce and issue the Deviation Card, including Compass Details, Vessel’s Position, the Date, our Signature and Stamp and mail the Deviation Card to the vessel and the original will be laminated and send to the Company / Owner / Shipping Company. During our service the vessel proceeds with her voyage and therefore will not be delayed during the voyage.

We have guided masters of a large number of very large Bulk Carriers, large Tankers – from Greek, Danish and Swedish Owners – and we also have guided masters of Danish Container Vessels, of Tankers, of a smaller Cargo Vessel and of a Tug boat and of a Stand-By-Vessel. After our guidance all of them had a remnant deviation of less than 2°5. Those vessels were at that time trading in the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, North and South Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean, the Mediterranean and in the North Sea.

The 2013-charge for the “Remote Magnetic Compass Adjustment Service” varies between 600 and 750 Euro.

Just contact us via e-mail: info@nav-consult.dk or info@nav-consult.eu and we shall render our service to you.

If you find our offer has an interest for your company and vessels then please contact us for further information and our CV.


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