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CV on Magnetic Compass Adjustment Service

The Adjuster from Nav-Consult has an academic education as a Master Mariner and has been professor of the Nautical Academy, Svendborg, Denmark for more than 35 years and during that time has been asked by the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) to be author of Navigational Textbooks including textbooks on Deviation and Adjustment and has rendered "On Board Magnetic Compass Adjustment Service" to more than 700 vessels – of all kind and nationalities and new buildings as well and has cooperated with Superintendents, Nautical-Inspecotrs from DMA as well as Class-Inspectors and always with appreciations.

Most National Maritime Authorities (Flag States) and International Maritime Organisation (IMO) acknowledge navigators to perform Deviation Control and Adjustment of a Magnetic Compass – although theoretical knowledge of the Deviation-doctrine and the Adjustment-doctrine at Nautical Academies have been reduced (or feared to be abandoned) in the education of navigators and these subjects have more or less been optional subjects and considered amongst nautical students to be outdated.

Nav-Consult has become aware of the need for guidance about Magnetic Compass Adjustment because Magnetic Compass Adjusters are very few and in many ports not available and often only at a very height cost for the Owner and delay for the Vessel and Charter.

Many Owners, Charter and Vetting-inspections do not accept or approve navigators on board the vessel to perform the Annual Inspection and Renewal of the Deviation Card of the Magnetic Compass.

Nowadays it is very often only the master of the vessel who has knowledge of adjustment although it might be a little vague for many of them and masters often have many duties on board regarding the safety of the Crew, the Vessel, the Cargo and much workload related to Ship-Business and therefore has a limited time and possibility to commence a Magnetic Compass Adjustment.


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